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Hey! I am a software developer from Toronto, Canada. Helping clients acheive award winning platforms in web, mobile and e-commerce space. Have a project? Would love to hear about it!

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Some say I am an adventurer. The intrigue can take me to the far east for a bowl of the best Ramen on earth or pulling an all nighter of Neil deGrasse Tyson. It's that spark of curiosity that drives my passion for learning.

Having studied Full-Stack Web Development and UI/UX Design, understanding of both front and back end development gives me a different perspective of the project from both sides. It is this knowledge that drives me to develop a keen eye for design while still thinking critical of the project implementation.

I have been working as a full stack developer in the health and safety idustry and the loyalty reward platform space; building award winning scalable e-commerce solutions. Metric driven decisions that increase conversion through good U/X backed by solid automated testing has been a key principle for me.

I also teach others to code through immersive bootcamp programs that cover every facet of software engineering. Evolving over time along with the industry is one of the hidden gems of being a developer.

  • Residence: Canada
  • Freelance: Available
  • Address: Toronto, ON
  • Phone: +1 647 499 1126
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Dev. Skills
programming with
Ruby on Rails, PSQL

Rich experience with Ruby, RoR and PSQL every day since 2017.


Work with React daily since 2017. (Apollo, GraphQL, React Native, GatsbyJS)

Full-stack Javascript

Next.js, Mongo, Express, React Node (MERN Stack), Gatsby

API Design (REST/GraphQL)

Building scalable internal/external APIs in Ruby, javascript or Python

Automated testing

CircleCi, TravisCi, Rspec, MiniTest, Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library

Object Oriented Design

Design and develop software system that are easy to maintain and extend over time

Cloud Services

AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, Oauth, SaaS integrations, Azure

Python, Django

Building scalape application on web and internal with Python/Django


Work daily with Sass, server rendered templates, client side rendered HTML

what i have done
Bond Brand Loyalty

As a senior software engineer, I oversee and implement loyalty reward platforms for globally iconic brands and global businesses. Focused on best practices for today's leading technology stacks coupled with lean agile practices, I drive effeciency and bring costs down.

General Assembly

As lead instructor for Software Engineering Immersive Flex program, I adapt a global curriculum and manage a team of Teaching Assistants. Act as a better leader, mentor to inspire and support strudents

International Safety Systems

As senior full stack developer I design features and UI for their custom built E-Commerce, ERP and API platform. I also manage a remote team of engineers while still takin a hands on approach to develop powerful, maintainable, scalable web and native applications.

University of Toronto, SCS

Teaching, assisting, and grading a diverse class of students at UoT SCS Web Development Bootcamp. Maintain and update curriculum based on industry changes.

Bayshore HealthCare

Working in risk management to create efficient excel reporting tools driven by large pools of data. Integrated data driven processes for robust risk analysis of complex and high risk accounts.

Automotive Resources International

In the accounting and supply chain management space, I was tasked with finding efficiencies in processes through big data driven research.

Spoken Languages
reading and writing
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denis s. dujota
Full Stack Developer & Mentor
  • Residence: Canada
  • Freelance: Available
  • Address: Toronto, ON
  • Phone: +1 647 499 1126
  • Email:
  • Linkedin: profile
  • Github: profile